Miscellaneous Glass Objects from 2011 Field School

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Miscellaneous Glass Objects from 2011 Field School


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These items were found during the 2011 Field School at MSU.
In the top left corner is a glass bottle, possibly used for perfume or oil. The base is 3.5 cm in diameter, the body 7 cm in diameter, and the neck 1.5 cm in diameter. The glass is colorless, and although there are no maker's mark, the shape is interesting.
Directly underneath is the bottom portion of a bottle, 8 cm in diameter. The glass is colorless.
To the right of the first item discussed is the neck of a glass bottle. The glass is colorless, 4 cm in length, and 2 cm in diameter at the lip. There is possibly a seam, but it is indiscernible due to the absence of the entire neck.
Underneath this are two portions of unhallowed glass, the top portion being 3.5 cm in length, and the bottom 3 cm. They are both most likely pieces of a glass straw, used in chemistry, the top portion and bottom being made of colorless glass
The artifact the furthest right is a portion of a test tube, made of colorless glass. It is 8 cm in length, and curves upwards very slightly at the neck/top. It is 1 cm in diameter.


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