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The first construction activity for the erection of the union was the digging of the basement named “Excavation Week”, 1924.

This is a picture of the last Faculty Row house to be torn down in 1970. Faculty Row 6 served as the English faculty house and later as the International Center.

The first houses of Faculty Row to be torn down were 9 and 10 in 1922 to make room for a new Home Economics building. Later in 1931, number 14 was razed for the construction of Mary Mayo Hall. In the 1940’s houses 1 through 5 and 8 were torn down…

This photo documents the construction process at Beaumont Tower. The date November 23 is printed on the photograph.

This carillon bell is one of 49 that are found hanging in the belfry at Beaumont Tower. The number 1928 and the words “East Lansing Mich via Philadelphia” are engraved on the bell.

After the fire, men attempted to put it out using hoses in 1919. The efforts did not save the building, and it was razed.

In 1919, Williams Hall was demolished after a fire destroyed most of the building.

During 2007, construction teams putting in wiring to the new Williams Hall uncovered the foundation of the original Williams hall, including one of the cornerstones. Campus Archaeology was called to the scene to see whether there was information of…

Two gentlemen stand on the rubble that once was College Hall, circa 1918.

The poor construction of College Hall made its preservation and maintenance difficult. In the late 1910’s it was going to be renovated so that it could be used as a union. However, the building collapsed in August 1918 during a war trainee camp.