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Artifacts vs. Archives

This exhibit shows a comparative display between historical artifacts that the 2010 and 2011 Field Schools discovered, as well as archival research that backs up this physical evidence. The archives donate an emotional aspect to my exhibit, bringing the humanity into my exhibit, whereas the artifacts themselves provide a visual and tangible aspect that makes everything real. 

Looking Back on a Historic Campus

This exhibit takes the history of Michigan State University and looks at its history through an archaeological viewpoint. The exhibit reviews four unique stages of MSU history, including both the archaeological and historical information.

The Process of MSU Archaeology

Archaeology is about more than just excavating and recovering artifacts, its also about interpreting the past from the evidence that remains. We can use these artifacts to reconstruct the past, and understand how the campus has changed over time.

Campus Archaeology has recovered a number of important artifacts that show the process of archaeology on campus, and have used these to better understand the history of MSU.