Beal Street Survey


The Beal Street Survey was carried out in 2009 to check for archaeological sensitivity during a tree replacement project carried out by MSU Landscaping department. Shovel testing along the river revealed significant historical material found during the survey at the intersection of West Circle Drive, Beal Entrance and Kalamazoo Street. The remains of College Hall and Artillery Garage were deposited at this site in 1928 to aid in building up the bridge to South Campus and prevent flooding. A new bridge was built in 1923, and the depression caused by this construction was filled in using parts of the old buildings and create a better drainage system. This conclusion was reached by the presence of a piece of plaster which said “Moor” that matched a photograph of writing on a plaster wall from College Hall taken in 1887.


  • Campus Archaeology Program

Items in the Beal Street Survey Collection

This portion of plaster was recovered during a archaeological done at Beal Street in 2009. It has the letters “Moor” in cursive script written on it. During archival work it was found that this piece of plaster was from a wall in College Hall…

These artifacts were found during the Beal Street Excavation in 2009. Small artifacts like a button, coin and shell are recovered during the screening process.

Survey was done primarily around Beal Street in 2009 to check for the archaeological sensitivity. The survey revealed a number of unexpected archaeological finds. This image displays stratigraphy extremely well.

Survey was done along Beal Street in 2009 to check for the archaeological sensitivity. The shovel test pits were done every 5 meters to have a good sample of the area. All soil was screened.